Solar Power

At Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy, we use a variety of the best solar panels available to help our clients. We use engineering customization to find what color, shape, space, and layout works best for you, both financially and aesthetically.

Our top solar panels include:

SolarWorld 280W: The SolarWorld 280W Solar Panels are world-class quality and were ranked number 1 in 2008  and 2009 tests, with up to 12% more yield. These panels are guaranteed to not decrease performance by more than 0.7% per year over 25 years, and only deliver modules that have greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power.

Sunpreme Maxima 370W: The Sunpreme GxB series is designed and engineered in the US and it’s hybrid cells combine crystalline cilicon with ultra-thin thin-film layers to produce higher energy yield in real world conditions. This series performs particularly well in low light and high temperatures. These panels degrade at a slower rate than modules using P-type cells. These panels are long lasting and have a 25 year power output warranty.

Canadian Solar 305W: The Canadian Solar 305w panels have cells that are a darker shade of blue than standard 3BB cells. The technology used in these solar panels reduces cell series resistance, reduces stress between cell interconnectors, improves modules conversion efficiency, and improves product reliability.


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